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The world’s largest small commodities
wholesale Market



Our tours are all inclusive and depart 4 times a year from these cities, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney. Each tour is limited to 8 participants and the program officially starts 30 days before take off , when we meet with you individually to assess and understand your individual requirements and sourcing objectives.


We fly together up to Shanghai and the following day we will transfer by high speed bullet train to the international Trade Market, where we will meet our suppliers and spend 3 days.


Here is the largest wholesale small commodities market in the world, 7km in length and with almost 100,000 suppliers,  400,000+ product offerings. You could spend an entire year here and never cover every supplier :) Luckily we will be with you to guide you and with our expert agents they will help you navigate your way around.


We are with you every step to personally escort and guide you to achieve your sourcing requirements. Together with our hand picked JLK agents in China, we will help you navigate this vast marketplace.  There is an astonishing array of products among them interiors, homewares, accessories and jewelery and more.


The markets are massive -they attract more than 500,000 foreign buyers and businesses who come here every year to develop their business including AMAZON and eBAY sellers as well as small homewares , interior retail and gift tores and online businesses from all over the world including Austraila and New Zealand.



Let us guide you, and take the stress and overwhelm out of sourcing from China. We will pair you with your own specialist agent, fluent in Mandarin, who's role is to help you find and source exactly what you are looking for your buisness.


We dont stop there, we also include detailed advice on key topics such as

- customisation of products

- shipping

- GST and taxes

- importing & customs

- quality control

- minimum orders (MOQ)

- negotiation and discounts


A key focus of our 30 day business mentoring program happens pre-Tour and is understanding and defining exactly what your needs are so that we can make your trip and your business ready to launch and be as successful as possible.